Let your users buy, sell and check-out with crypto in the easiest way.
Accept crypto payments and grow your business online with Binance Connect's powerful payments software and API solutions
Tap in to the future of finance
Defi Fiat-to-Crypto Bridge
Set up a fully integrated payments infrastructure that facilitates secure and borderless crypto transactions on your platform.
NFT Checkouts
Make NFT purchases on your platform simple with fast transaction speeds and easy checkouts.
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Experience the leaders
Reach untapped markets and unlock new revenue streams.

With Binance Connect, your customers can easily buy, sell and cash-out 50+ cryptocurrencies in over 30 countries.
Choose how you buy crypto
Binance Connect supports all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard and more.
Committed to regulatory compliance
We are a fully-licensed virtual asset provider with an industry-standard KYC onboarding process that safeguards your users.
Made for Developers
Skip the poorly-optimized plugins and compicated setup. Integrate Binance Connect's intuitive and battle-tested APIs with just a few lines of code.
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