How to Get Started with Binance Connect
Visit directly, or access through one of our partner wallet applications to get started.
1. Select a cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu, and enter how much you’d like to purchase in your fiat currency of your choice (e.g. US Dollar).
2. You’ll be asked to enter your wallet address. Make sure you enter a wallet address that is compatible with the cryptocurrency you’re purchasing, and that you have control over.
If you’re using Binance Connect through a partner wallet application, your wallet address will be automatically filled out
3. We’ll ask you to verify your email address or phone number. Enter your email address or phone number and click “Continue”. We’ll send you a six digit verification code. Fill the verification code, read and agree to our Terms of Use, and click “Submit”.
4. Your account is successfully created. You now have to go through the identity verification process.
5. Depending on the country of residence you selected, you’ll go through the Identification Verification with different vendors. Please refer to the respective sections below.


i. Click “Choose document” and select either your passport, driver’s license, or identity card. Please note that you must use an official ID with your photo on it.
ii. Select your ID document’s issuing country and click “Submit document”. You’ll also need to submit a photo of your ID. You can use your phone to take a picture of it, or upload the image directly from your computer.
iii. You need to continue the verification process on your phone via a secure link. You can get a secure link by scanning a QR code, getting the link texted to your mobile number, or copying a link from the browser.
iv. After opening the link on your phone, you need to take a photo of the front side of your ID document. Tap “Take photo” to begin.
If you haven’t enabled camera access, you’ll be prompted to do so. Tap “Enable camera” to continue,
v. The system will show you some samples. Please follow the instructions to take a clear photo of your ID document. Tap “Take photo” to capture. Check that your details are clearly visible on the photo before tapping “Upload”. To retake, tap “Redo”.
vi. In the next step, you need to complete a face verification by taking a selfie. Tap “Take photo” to start.
vii. Keep your face with the oval when taking the selfie. Please make sure that your face is clearly visible before tapping “Upload”. You can also tap “Retake” to take a new photo.
viii. Your verification is complete. Tap “Submit verification”. Please wait patiently for us to review your application.


i. You’ll see an overview of the steps for the verification process. Scan the QR code at the bottom with your phone to start.
ii. Tap “Continue”.
iii. Select the issuing country for your ID document and your document type. The supported ID document types vary depending on the country you select.
iv. You need to take a photo of the selected ID document. You can tap “See more guidance” for instructions on how to complete this step.
v. The system will process your photo. If it’s clearly visible, tap “Document is readable”. If the system cannot detect your information on the ID document, tap “Try again”.
vi. You’ll then need to complete a liveness check. Tap “Continue” to begin and look straight into the camera. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete it.
vii. Please wait patiently for the data to submit and we will process your verification shortly.
6. That’s it! You can continue to purchase your first cryptocurrencies with us once your account is verified!
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